About Me

About me

My name is Khang, I’m Thai, from Bangkok. My family owns a small distribution company. We sell all sorts of products to pharmacies. 99% are not steroids, but we do have a few. We buy directly from the manufacturers, both licensed and underground.

As you may know, Thailand produces various kinds of steroids and pharmaceuticals under license from large multinationals. There are quite a few laboratories operating independently. Brands like SB Labs, LA Pharma, British Dispensary, Body Research, Unilabs, Unigen Lifesciences are all originally from Thailand. Others, like Meditech or Bayer-Schering, are made here under license or imported.

Mostly, foreigners in Thailand buy steroids from pharmacies in tourist areas and assume that to do so is legal. It is not. Thailand’s FDA requires a valid prescription for all pharmaceutical products considered “controlled drugs” (like Testosterone) or “dangerous drugs” (like Phentermine slimming pills). Only hospitals and clinics are allowed to sell such products and only if manufactured by licensed firms (underground labs are not).

In the past 10 years I met more than a few foreigners living here and selling steroids online. They simply bought from pharmacies and sold them at incredibly high profits. It seemed too good to be true. Occasionally I helped them to source some items. And in 2015 I started my own shop, superbolic.com

At the end of 2018 I have been approached by large wholesalers, who offered me dropshipping deals. After having carefully evaluated their shipping methods and the quality of the brands offered, I accepted. I admit I’m a amateur in comparison to these professionals. Their stealth packaging is in a different league than mine. That is why they can ship orals and injectables in their original sealed packages, something I’m unable to do. Moreover, they ship from various warehouses strategically located in Europe, USA, Singapore, China and also Thailand.

Therefore, I’m able to offer hundreds of products, manufactured  by pharma-grade pharmaceutical labs, shipped from various, safe  locations around the world. I feel superbolic.com has grown-up a lot, as all the major online steroids sellers dropship their orders. This also explains why almost all have the same products and brands, at different prices. Meanwhile, due to unwanted attention from ICANN, superbolic.com became superbolic.net in 2021. And in October 2023, due to massive attacks from hackers, I moved to superbolic.org

This final paragraph will tell you something about me as a business man. I believe in transparency. I believe in clear deals, where everything is understood by both parties before money change hands. Every business deal should be based on mutual trust but also regulated by clear and easy to understand terms. I recommend you to read the FAQ pages BEFORE committing to buy. If you don’t agree with these terms, please don’t buy from me. Also, I can’t stand people who place orders and don’t follow up with the payment. I consider it a form of spamming. It messes up my work and confuses me. So I fight this annoying practice as much as I can. The spammers and scammers database is where the contact details of spammers and scammers are displayed. Please don’t force me to put you there.

I hope we will do business together. Thank you for reading.